b'February 2024Home ConnectWelcome to the February edition of Home ConnectHome story Natalies StoryNatalie is an asylum seeker living in a Uniting home andis a passionate volunteer inher community. She has been volunteering since 2021, providingDespite not having work rights or any income, cooked meals and donated food to people in need. Natalie is passionate about giving back and During COVID, everyone was isolated. Wehelping others in the community.decided to do something to help. We createdI feel very good when I can work for the some community pantries for people to contributecommunity. It reduces my stress with my visafood that they dont need, says Natalie. and family issues, and I can make a good bond We were cooking food and sharing the food with people in the community.with people in need. There was so much demandTwo years later and the demand for the from international students and asylum seekers,community pantry is still high.says Natalie. Whenever people drop off food it goes quickly, As an asylum seeker, Natalie is not entitled says Natalie.to work or receive Centrelink while her visa If you are not using all your food, I encourage is being processed. With no income, she people to share with those who need it.depends on support from Uniting and peoplein the community. If I had no housing or food available, I would Share your ideas with us not have been able to help. All credit goes to Uniting for giving me a home and dropping Wed love to hear what you wantfood to us. says Natalie. to see in this newsletter.We were not using all the food from Uniting, E [email protected] I was sharing with the community, she adds.1 Home Connect Newsletter February 2024'